Bringing Hope to Swaziland and Beyond


Vusweni: Sustainable Development

A church community, situated high in the mountains in rural Swaziland, appealed for help.

They have no financial resources. Many of their people are unemployed while others are sick and unable to work. However, the young people had been given some land and were willing to work. They had no money for seed or for securing the services of oxen or a tractor for ploughing.

This distant site was visited by Claypotts and the decision made to assist the community. The result has been beyond expectation. Young people between the ages of 13 and 16 have indeed worked the land they were given and now, on an area just larger than a hectare, they have established flourishing crops of sweet potatoes and beans. The funds raised from selling the crops are to enable the church to do some extra care work in their very needy community.

The onsite leader of this project is a young man of only 20 years of age yet he motivated the young people in his community to work on a voluntary basis during their holiday time.