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Sparrow Number Five

Incredible Response
to a Childs Need

Within 24 hours of the story being told all the needs for this child were met!!. She is now enrolled at school but read anyway.

Buy four, get one free. Its an old strategy. Two sparrows for one penny. Five sparrows for two pennies, one bird added, to sweeten the deal, of next to no worth to a trader, but still valued in the sight of He who made and loves all creatures great and small.

Many African children are treated just like sparrow number five.

Meet Kiara. She is 8 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy, and she has HIV,enough to have her dismissed as of next to no worth at all in a place where life is often merciless for someone like her.

But Kiana is not worthless! Not to her mother who has been totally sacrificial in her parental commitment. From the beginning she has fought for her child. Endless long hard trips to secure physio; relentless searching for speech therapy, and meticulous adherence to Anti Retroviral medication has helped to keep Kiara alive and growing.

She was even able to get a place in a pre primary school.

The astonishing fact is that this little girl can now speak English, Portuguese, and Siswati! She is able to use a walker and a wheel chair.

Now there is a challenge. She needs to attend primary, and there is only one school that is willing to take her, since none of the government schools is geared to cope with her level of disability. There is no social grant available and the fees are £2000 per year. She will need five years to complete.

Can you help Kiara? This little bird is more that ready to fly. Sparrow number five can learn through caring people that she is not without worth and value. She is not forgotten by Her Heavenly Father. He thinks in term of each sparrow.Can you help just one.

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Thank You wonderful Supporters and Friends