Bringing Hope to Swaziland and Beyond

Pastors Ken's Update December 2014

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter I have to let you know of massive changes in the Claypotts Trust activities.

First of all it became necessary for Brenda and myself to think in terms of relocation and this we have in fact done, and we are now in Barnsley, England where I have become Pastor of the Sheffield Road Baptist Church.See below one of the cakes at the farewell function in Swaziland, Hambani kahle is go well in Siswati.


It was a very difficult decision to leave Swaziland and the ministry we have had in Mbabane Chapel and through Claypotts Trust and I am happy to say that before we left Swaziland, the work of Claypotts Trust was well recognized by the Swaziland government, local partners and many of the people who have been helped. I was awarded the Paul Harris fellowship from Mbabane Rotary club for service to Swaziland.


"It was a very difficult decision to leave Swaziland and the ministry we have had in Mbabane Chapel"

I am happy to say Mbabane Chapel is flourishing and we managed to secure a fine successor for this ministry.

The work of Claypotts Trust will continue, although as allowed in the terms of our Trust most of the assets have been transferred to one of our offspring The Rocking Horse Project which we launched last year.

This project has grown incredibly well. Under the directorship of Mrs. Denise Mortlock, who worked so hard for Claypotts Trust. The project is dedicated to the provision of palliative care for terminally ill children. The Rocking Horse Project is already receiving national and international recognition, please visit their website and follow on facebook and the website of ehospice, where you will see how this work, sponsored by Claypotts Trust is growing so dynamically as it meets critical need. It is the only facility of its kind in Swaziland.


 We will be continuing two programmes with Claypotts. One is the feeding programme at Dvumbe and the other the skills training at Vusweni.Below is a picture of the items the women at Vusweni have sewn and sell for profit.

 This is possible because Claypotts will have a new director Mr Johannes Simelane, who has been assisting me for since the inception of Claypotts Trust.He is an excellent man with vast experience. He is a retired banker and a farmer, his intimate knowledge of Swaziland and its needs make him an ideal person to take the work forward. Mr. Simelane also received a Paul Harris award, below,with his dear wife Anna Simelane.


In the New Year we will be conducting a review of our work and new members for the UK board have been recruited.

Brenda and I have given nine years to Claypotts Trust and we will continue to be supporting and developing the work as much as we possible can, and encourage your continuing interest.

Thank you for all the generous assistance you have given. The need does not grow less, and there a re many challenges still to be faced.

It remains for now for Brenda and I to wish you all every happiness as 2015 draws closer. May God Bless you and all whom you love.

Yours with great appreciation.

Ken and Brenda Jefferson