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Jesus My Best Friend
  • A simple introduction to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Brilliant for kids
  • Carried throughout the Kingdom of Swaziland
  • Delivered free of charge
In a population of just over a million, more than ten percent are orphaned or vulnerable children.

There are many needs but none more urgent than the needs of the children. Being abused or abandoned is the lot of life for too many.

Claypotts Trust is involved in paediatric health care, sustainable community development, feeding programmes, clothing distribution, furnishing of schools and training in the care of the environment.

But we never neglect or forget the spiritual needs of the children.

Right now 40,000 ‘Jesus My Best Friend’ booklets are being distributed in partnership with World Vision. We have handed out a further 10,000 during our visits to schools, hospitals and care points.

Already the response to these booklets has been tremendous. They are simply written by Webster Simpson our Dundee, Scotland based Trust Chairman with illustrations by Scottish artists.

Thank you to all our donors (does this include you?) for this great work.


More about hurting kids to follow.....

Mphaya Johannes Simelane


Claypotts Trust


Flag map of Swaziland


This is the flag of Swaziland in the shape of the map of the country.
The colours of the flag of Swaziland are red, blue and yellow;
Red stands for the battles of the past
Blue stands for peace and stability
Yellow stands for the natural resources the country possesses.

The flag also has a picture of a shield and spears which stand for protection of the country from enemies. The shield is black and white to show that black and white people live together peacefully in Swaziland.

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