A country that ensures its young people enjoy good health as a fundamental right, live free from HIV and AIDS and have the confidence and capacities to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainable livelihood of self and others.



FLAS remains the leading organisation in the field of sexual and reproductive health through the delivery of innovative, youth focused services, sharing of best practices and knowledge through advocacy and partnerships and sustainable, gender sensitive service delivery models that result in the prevention and reduction of unwanted pregnancies, maternal mortality, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, unsafe abortions and gender based violence.


Programme and Institutional Goals

  • To contribute towards the improvement of the quality of sexual and reproductive health services and information offered to young people in Swaziland.
  • To contribute towards the reduction of HIV and AIDS incidence in Swaziland and mitigate the impact on those who are already infected and affected through the provision of comprehensive services.
  • To advocate for a conducive policy and social environment to sustain responsible sexual and reproductive health practices in Swaziland. 
  • Through defining itself as a learning organisation, FLAS retains its status as the leading organisation providing innovative and best practice services in youth sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS.


The Programmatic Areas: 5 A’s

FLAS continues to implement its strategic framework of the 5 A’s which are Adolescents, Access, HIV and AIDS, Abortion and Advocacy.

Adolescents (Young People) have been deprived of sexual and reproductive health services and information, when they are the hardest hit by these challenges which include HIV and AIDS, unplanned pregnancies and gender based violence.

Access to quality integrated sexual and reproductive health services information for all people regardless of creed, nationality, religion, race and sexual orientation.

HIV and AIDS – Swaziland has one of the highest HIV epidemics in the world and it is for this reason that FLAS is mainstreaming HIV and AIDS to achieve maximum results from the bi-directional linkages of sexual and reproductive health and HIV integration.

Abortion – Unsafe abortion is one of the causes of high maternal morbidity and mortality. Within this strategic area, FLAS is focussing on primary prevention by repositioning and strengthening family planning services, awareness-raising on unsafe abortion as well as provision of pre and post abortion counselling and care.

Advocacy – FLAS continues to advocate for a conducive policy environment which will allow for the prioritisation of sexual and reproductive health as an important issue in the national development agenda.

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